Friday, August 31, 2007

New Socks

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK (100% superwash merino) "Spring Frost"

Needles: Addi Turbos 2mm & 2.5mm

Sewn Bind-off à la Elizabeth Zimmerman

Turkish Cast-on, which is even easier than Knitty's Magic Cast-on, and I think looks just as good. Actually, I can't tell them apart.

Toe up as usual.

I lifted the stitch pattern from >Sock Bug's blog; it is pretty and fun to knit. I'll certainly use it again.

I couldn't figure out at first why my knitting looked so tight on the toe, then I finally realized that I had ordered the DK version of Supersock, so it's a heavier weight than "regular" Supersock, and I was using my usual 2mm's. Duh. So I switched to a 2.5mm for the patterned instep part of the sock two inches up from the cast-on. Maybe I knit looser than most (normal?) people because the ball band recommends US size 5 (!), and I don't think the finished fabric looks stiff or distorted. It certainly feels nice on the foot. The sole portion of the sock is quite firm due to the tiny needles I knit it on, but I think that is appropriate for a sock -- won't it improve wear? Time will tell.


Knitman said...

Very pretty socks, beautiful shade.

Bridget said...

easier than magic cast on? Surely you jest!

Tabitha said...

Beautiful socks. I too am sold on the Turkish cast on. Makes a lovely toe. I can't tell it from my top down, grafted toes. What heel did you use?

Val said...

Bridget introduced me to this pattern,, not long after I began the sock-knitting addiction, and it's the one I always use. It makes a lovely gusset with heel flap.

hege said...

Pretty socks! I always use smaller needles than recommended as well. I like to knit very loosely. It's better for your hands, anyway :)