Sunday, March 18, 2007

Guard Llamas

This is the view from my kitchen window. I am very lucky to live here, I know!

I appear to have lost any skill I formerly had with this camera, so please excuse the blurry photos. Those are ducks in the water front of Allana, the brown llama.

Interlopers are spotted. Jefferson is heading the wrong way, but he soon corrects his trajectory.

Now we're in business! Chase those ducks off the pond! If I'd managed to get this photo focussed, you'd be able to see that there are both wood ducks and mallards taking to the air.

Once the ducks are gone, Jeffie and Allana just chase each other around for a while. Who knew that llamas like to play in water?


IHateToast said...


that would have been great to watch. i love their eyes.

Life's a Stitch said...

Our house becomes lakefront when it rains and the driveway floods. Love this climate.

Cute shots,