Sunday, July 09, 2006

Charis Had a Good Day Today

Charis, Traveler and Vita ran (and showed) at the Lower Mainland Whippet Association's "show & go" today. There were ten greyhounds running, which is a really good entry for our area. Charis won Best of Breed in greyhounds, then went on to win Best in Field! Then, to top it off, she went Winner's Bitch (and Best Opposite Sex) in the show, winning her first show points (two).

Traveler placed third in the lure course and second (aka last) in open males in the show ring. Vita finished out of the points in the lure course and decided she was too pooped to show.

This is Charis standing in front of all her loot and ribbons. The big green thing is a dog bed.

It was a fun day spent just relaxing with Bridget and Jason, except for when our dogs were running. We (B and I) even got in some knitting!


Bridget said...

Way to Go Carrots! :)

cindi said...

so she's good for something other than eating peeps!